Whanganui National Park

Choose Ohakune TOP 10 Holiday Park as your base, when exploring the Whanganui National Park and the Whanganui River. Our Ohakune accommodation is just a 45 minute drive from the Whanganui River and some tours provide free pick-up from the holiday park.

The Whanganui National Park encloses the wild upper and middle reaches of the Whanganui River, which is New Zealand's longest navigable waterway. The river was once an important transport route for Maori, and many pa (forts) were constructed on the headlands along its winding course.

The Whanganui National Park has a unique landscape of river valley systems with steep slopes and sharp ridges, and is almost completely covered by native lowland forest. The rocks are mostly mudstones – naturally sculpted by the river into fascinating shapes.

Early European settlers and traders also used the Whanganui River for transport, guiding their shallow-draft boats through the long narrow gorges that today provide fantastic enjoyment for kayakers.
For bird watchers, there is much to be seen in the tranquil Whanganui National Park, including large numbers of native pigeons, fantails, tui, and robin. You may also sight kaka and yellow-crowned parakeets. If you’re lucky, at night, you may hear the call of the North Island brown kiwi.
Whanganui National Park
Ohakune Top 10 Holiday ParkWhanganui National Park
Ohakune Top 10 Holiday Park